Conmemoran Día de los Mártires en Melena del Sur.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Every November 8 the residents of Melena del Sur in solemn pilgrimage commemorate the Martyrs’ Day of this town, 63 years after the murder of Rogelio Perea Suarez, in the barbarism of Goicuría 523 and O’Farril, in the Snake.

On one side of the street, unable to make the journey to the pantheon of the fallen, but full of motivations, the also literacy teachers Mercedes Palenzuela and Aleida la Rosa, accompany the march as a sign of revolutionary reaffirmation.

Young people also star in this appointment with history and ratify their commitment to defend the conquests of the homeland by participating in the solemn procession carrying banners with revolutionary slogans, flags and flowers.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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