Mayabeque, Cuba: An important step in the preparations for the Municipal Assembly of Balance of the Party in Madruga took place with the presentation of the 80 delegates who will participate in the meeting.

Representatives of the different sectors of production and services and partisan leaders of the territory, who have the responsibility of giving continuity to the ideas, concepts and guidelines of the Eighth Congress, held in April of this year are among them.

The 80 delegates to the Balance Assembly are committed to strengthening the development of the municipality from the militancy.

Strengthening the Party as the political vanguard of society is an imperative to accelerate the development of the country based on our potential and resources.

At the meeting they also presented to the General Secretaries of the Nuclei of the Party, the Candidacy projects to the Municipal Committee, the Executive Bureau and the delegates to the Provincial Balance Assembly in Mayabeque.

The date to hold the meeting in the territory is the coming December 4 and is marked by rationality and the analysis of core issues such as cadre politics, ideological and economic activity, among others.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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