Mayabeque, Cuba: The chess player Greter Caballero Ramos, from Melena del Sur, was the most outstanding player of Mayabeque, in the special tournament, concluded at the “GM Guillermo García González” Palace, in Santa Clara.

Greter and Leduard González from Camaguey were the most outstanding athletes of the contest, both with 6 ½ points out of seven possible and led their respective groups.

The fair, called “Natalicio del Guille”, was celebrated in tribute to the 68th birthday of the disappeared chess player, with an outstanding national and international career in the 1980s.

64 chess players from eight provinces participated, divided into five groups according to the Elo of the members, who faced seven rounds using the Swiss system.

In three of the five groups, females dominated, because in addition to the Mayabeque chess player in the Alfil Group, the host IM Roxangel Obregón (4 ½) and Camagüey’s Yadira Pino (6.0) won the Enroque in the Open.

The delegation of seven chess players, led by professors Raúl Pérez and Julio Torres, also achieved a third step from another athlete from Melena del Sur, Alejandro Palao, in the Jaque key, with five points.

Melena del Sur was represented also by Robert Pérez (3 ½), from Nueva Paz Osiel Alonso Orta (4.0), Javier Frías (4 ½) and Alain Laborit Díaz (3.0) from Güines and Sebastián Gil from Quivicán (2.0).

It was the first face-to-face tournament in which our chess players took part outside our territory.

Ibrahim González Contreras

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