Mayabeque, Cuba: Promoting the increase in forest-covered surfaces and the conservation of wild flora and fauna is one of the main tasks of the forestry department of the provincial delegation of agriculture in Mayabeque for this 2022.

All this by complying with the regulations indicated to obtain greater production of wood and better care of the soil.

Mayabeque has a forest heritage of 111 thousand 170 hectares, which represents 29.9 percent of the total area of ​​the territory, of the heritage 78.4 percent corresponds to the total area covered.

To achieve the objective, measures are adopted to take into account in this recently begun 2022. Among the actions is to demand compliance, with the required quality, of the plans for protection against forest fires and disaster reduction, systematize the reforestation program of the hydrographic basins of national interest and in particular the hydro-regulatory ditches of the dams, micro-dams, rivers and streams, as well as the mountains and the coasts.

The attention to the production program of seedlings in nurseries and the diversification of species according to the objectives of the plantations are also among the actions.

It is also intended to carry out training and dissemination actions towards the knowledge of forest regulators and the technical requirements necessary for sustainable forest management and the conservation of wild flora and fauna.

Yadira Montero

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