The Popular Consultation process of the Families Code Law Project which will last until April 30, is taking place in Melena del Sur, as planned in the rest of the province and the country, according to what the National Assembly of People’s Power, approved at the end of 2021.

Despite misunderstandings and suspicions, fundamentally related to ignorance and resistance to the changes for approval, the consent of the people will be counted on.

The very fact that it is directed by the president of the constituency, who will be accompanied by two jurists, speaks of its character.

Quoting Doctor of Science Patricia Arés Muzio, psychologist and consulting professor at the University of Havana: “Families resemble their time, their social and historical context and we are talking about a family crossed by migration, the increase in divorce, due to the decrease in fertility, demographic aging, among other elements”.

And that is a truism that we live, with increasing regularity, among those formed by neighbors, friends and even our own, so it would not be sensible or real to speak of a single family model, a trend that occurs throughout the world. .

That traditional model of dad, mom and baby, which in no way constitutes an idealized vision of family, has nothing to do with current scenarios either, so most should understand that the new Code gives us the opportunity to rethink and redefine the visions we have of it today.

The sacred concepts that we Cubans conceive, find a space of respect and equity in this new Code, legitimately called of families, inclusive and fair, which presupposes a substantial and qualitative change with respect to the previous one that dates from 1975 and that as good citizens we are called to study, to analyze… It is imposed then to be objective and to live up to a reality that is projected beyond our borders, that phrase of Fidel, we do not tell the people, believe, we say Read!

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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