Eusebio Leal, a Man of Word and Deed

History mourns his absence; it lacks its most eloquent champion. Good luck, memory. It will help us to keep him deep in the soul. We owe him so much…

He was the most romantic and patriotic bard of all time. In addition to reconstructing the fables of our own life taking from the popular imagination, from the archives, books and documents, he devoted himself to falling in love with the essence that distinguishes us as Cubans

He was the guardian angel of each stone and each human being of the San Cristóbal de La Habana Village and of the whole Island.

Thanks to its verb and its hands, Cuba is better known and better recognized, even in the stars of the sky.

He is the father who embraced us with his hope, his candor and his wisdom. No one better than him for the lesson, the advice, the alert.

We never looked up to see and hear him, because he was always close, by our side, walking close to the heart of his people.

Rest in peace Eusebio Leal. As Gómez said when Martí died: “Under the blue sky of your homeland there is no tomb more glorious than yours.”

Marlene Caboverde

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