Health Authorities Continues Search for Possible Covid-19 infections in Jaruco

Mayabeque, Cuba: Real-time PCR tests were applied to forty residents of Jaruco at the Noelio Capote de Jaruco Comprehensive Teaching Polyclinic, with the aim of continuing the active search for possible infections of the new coronavirus.

The deputy director of Medical Assistance, Dr. Yailín Castro Bello, said that there are already almost 200 people studied in the territory in the last four months with this modern high-reliability technique used in the world to detect the presence of SARS-CoV- two.

The polymerase chain reaction molecular test is applied to groups considered of high risk, that is, those who, due to their work performance, move continuously to other municipalities of Mayabeque and Havana or provide services to a large number of people.

That same test will be applied on August 10 to 43 individuals from San Antonio de Río Blanco and the Guaicanamar community, who voluntarily participate in the Covid-19 prevalence and seroprevalence study.

On that day, the fourth and last stage of this investigation, which has been carried out on a national scale since May, will conclude, to track the circulation of the new coronavirus in populations without reports of positive cases.

All this deployment of material and human resources is evidence of the efforts of the Cuban scientific and medical community, which insists on staying one step ahead of the disease, hence the importance of maintaining the perception of risk, in order to reduce infections.

Marlene Caboverde

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