Mayabeque, Cuba: Before the meteorological situation caused by tropical storm Laura, the Provincial Defense Council in Mayabeque, adopts measures to reduce possible damage. For any questions, people can call the Provincial Management Council at numbers 47867484 and 47848270.

The notice of the establishment of the phase was ordered to the management bodies of the agencies and territories, as well as making it available to the management centers of the Provincial Defense Council, municipal and defense councils of areas in case of disasters, as well as the activation of communications, including radio amateurs, the preparation of informative notes to the population on the existing situation, the rules of conduct and measures to be complied with.

The provision of the hydrological observation and prevention system, the specification of the technical and maintenance status of the reservoirs and their fill level are other measures.

The analysis of the hydro meteorological situation in each territory and a report on the measures and proposals for the protection of the population and the economy. The monitoring of the information issued by the Institute of Meteorology and increase the instruction to the population for the fulfillment of the Civil Defense measures and the guidelines of the Defense Councils, with the specification of the cooperation foreseen for this phase, to all the levels.

The review of the operation and technical condition of the generating units and their fuel reserves. The specification of the planned missions and assurances. The evacuation centers will be activated mainly in the Surgidero de Batabanó and the Güines municipality, insists on the conscious self-evacuation of people with their identity card and nasobuco, taking into account that the fundamental thing is to protect the life of the people and economic resources.

Shirley González

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