ETECSA Restore Gradually the Affected Telecommunications Services in Mayabeque

Mayabeque, Cuba: After tropical storm Laura passed through the western part of the country and the recovery phase was decreed, specialized brigades from the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA by its Spanish initials) work tirelessly to restore the affected services in Mayabeque.

The director of Etecsa’s territorial division in the province, Yaniley Sanabria Díaz, said that they first identified the effects on the kilometers of existing routes.

These damages were caused by the fall of 45 poles located mainly in the southern zone in the municipalities of Quivicán and Batabanó, the most affected area with 20 poles and 12 fixed telephone interruptions.

As the electricity service was interrupted, 21 base stations in the province and 14 third-generation (3G) micro-base stations went out of service. Some were dismantled as a preventive measure but all are already providing service. Of the Wi-Fi sites 46 were interrupted and are already offering benefits.

Sanabria Díaz added that technicians and specialists work uninterruptedly to restore security to the people in communications.

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