Buffalo rearing management changed at Animal Science Institute.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The raising of Buffalo females with management changes started this year in Genetic Unit 1, of the Animal Science Institute (ICA), located in San José de las Lajas, aim at recovering the weight of calves at weaning and increase milk production.

They currently produce 4.2 liters per milking buffalo female in natural pasture systems, without supplementation and the calves improve body condition. They also make artisanal fresh cheese, with the intention of producing mozzarella cheese in the future, and closed the cycle in the buffalo value chain with a producer payment system, based on income and customer satisfaction.

For researchers and producers linked to the ICA, reaching dignity for the producer should be the vision of the future of each livestock system in Cuba and the Tropics, because they generate wealth that is often undervalued and thus change the way of doing things to revolutionize livestock systems.

In this institution belonging to the Mayabeque Scientific Pole, the actions to achieve this goal have already started and they are going for more, always combining science and production as a single entity that generates that wealth so necessary in Cuba.

Yudith Arredondo

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