Students from the Jaruco primary school, Blas Roca Calderío.

The director of the educational institution, Lic Altinay Rodríguez de la Torre, stated that the award makes her work staff proud, committed for decades to the community and the protection of the environment.

Blas Roca Elementary School, the only rural school in the municipality, is located in the Escalera de Jaruco settlement and successfully carries out the community projects, “Join me to be happy” and “My school cares, repairs and builds,” among others.

The environmental work carried out by the workers and pioneers of the center together with the inhabitants of the area and the Conservation Group of the Escaleras de Jaruco Equine Unit, belonging to the National Company for the Protection of Flora and the Fauna also endorse this prize.

The coordinator of the CDRs, in Jaruco, Yeney Gil Rodríguez, highlighted the social contribution of the Blas Roca Elementary School, the only group in the municipality that deserved the award in the context of the 60th anniversary of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

With less than ten pedagogues and 24 students from preschool to sixth grade, this center accumulates other awards derived from its environmental management in favor of the Escaleras de Jaruco Protected Natural Landscape and its achievements in education, recognized in regional and provincial workshops of rural schools .

Marlene Caboverde

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