Huracanes de Mayabeque in the 60th National Baseball Series.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Despite the last two defeats, this start for the Huracanes de Mayabeque team in the 60th National Baseball Series is unprecedented. Never as visitors in the first 12 games of the championship had they achieved a balance of 6 successes and the same amount of defeats.

In the games against Holguin there was a division of honors, first those from Mayabeque won 7 runs over two, ours connected a total of 14 hits and made no mistakes, their similar batted 5 hits, and made an error.

Yadián Martínez scored his first victory in the Series, the defeat was suffered by Rubén Rodríguez.

The next day the hosts took revenge and prevailed with a scoreboard of 9 points over 6. The Huracanes batted 6 hits and made a mistake, Holguin with 10 indisputable, also an error to the defense. The success to the account of Wilson Paredes, the setback was suffered by Luís Miguel Vázquez.

After 18 days away from their province, at last the disciples of Michael González returned to their premises and on Tuesday against Granma at the Nelson Fernández stadium in San José de las Lajas, they lost with a score of 6 runs by three.

Granma with 12 hits, Mayabeque connected seven in game that passed without errors. The victory was for Joel Mojena and the defeat for Mailon Cruz. There was a point per game saved for Kelvins Rodríguez.

On Wednesday, Granma gave the first knockout to the Huracanes, together with the first defeat by the way of zeroes. The score was 11-0. Lázaro Blanco won, Diosbel Napoles lost. Darien Garcia hit two home runs and Ariel Pestano another.

At the close of this edition they were playing the third match against the chestnut. Mayabeque ranks 10th in the standings without counting yesterday’s games.

Today they had to travel to Pinar del Río, where they will play Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday they return to Matanzas to face the current champions.

Wilber Pastrana Pereira

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