Mayabeque, Cuba: The most important social work being carried out this year in Madruga, the replacement of the hydraulic network on 25th Avenue, is nearing completion and is already showing its positive impact on the water supply service.

Adjustment tests carried out this weekend made it possible to verify the quality of the works and the arrival of water to areas seriously affected for years.

This week the entire hydraulic network should be installed in the almost 200 meters of 25 avenue in Madruga as part of a network repair project that includes other construction objects.

In this case, in addition to eliminating the main leaks in the head town, it will allow the start-up of a tank with a capacity for one million cubic meters of water that will redistribute the liquid through a re-pumping system without the need to consume electricity.

More than eight thousand people will benefit in the municipality with this work that represents an important step towards the definitive solution of the main problem that today affects the locals. Its execution, amidst the economic and financial stresses that the country is experiencing, is another proof of the government’s political will to meet the needs of the people and raise their quality of life.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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