Celebraron aniversario 59 de la Campaña de Alfabetización1.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Once again, Melena del Sur celebrated the anniversary of November 5, the date on which they declared the municipality the first territory free of illiteracy in Cuba and Latin America.

The event was held at the November 5 Primary School. The incorporation into the center, in this new school period, of three graduates of the Pedro Albizu Campos pedagogical school, one from the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences and three graduates in primary education ratifies the commitment to continue the legacy of those literacy teachers.

The homage to Manuel Ascunce Doménech, Conrado Benites and the local Alberto Herrera Prado had as protagonists the children, who shook the audience with a symbolic roll call.

Some members of the literacy campaign shared with those present the anecdotes of the feat that in its 59th anniversary continues to be a resounding triumph for the Revolution.

Authorities of the Party and the Government in the town attended the meeting enlivened by young art instructors from the José Martí Brigade.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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