Por la ponderación de la mujer en la sociedad cubana

Mayabeque, Cuba: The General Secretary of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC by its Spanish acronyms) and representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Relations, appeared this Thursday at the Round Table, to report details of the National Program for the Advancement of Women, recently approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Member of the Political Bureau and General Secretary of the FMC Teresa Amarelle Boué, said that the Program demonstrates the commitment and political will of the Cuban State with the advancement and empowerment of women in our society.

The head of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of MINREX, Margarita Valle Camino, said that Cuba has a high commitment to ratify international instruments that at the same time pose challenges.

The Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, approved by the UN, had in Cuba the first country to sign it and the second to ratify it.

The Program has a general objective: to continue promoting the advancement of women in a different socio-economic context, assured the General Secretary of the FMC, Teresa Amarelle Boué, adding that it is important not to go back in what has been achieved until today.

The First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice, Rosabel Gamón Verde, reported that the legislative schedule of the National Program for the Advancement of Women has as its strength the area of ​​legislation and law, here the Ministry of Justice has a leading role.

There are different steps for its implementation, so it is necessary to guarantee that there is an inclusive language, with a gender perspective, without discrimination and violence against women.

Andy Duardo Martin

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