Mayabeque, Cuba: The Fiesta de Colores space opens its doors again in the theater-room of the Yaracuy Cinema, in Batabanó.

Dedicated to children, but where adults also participate, colors, lights and spirits took their tones again.

The excellent performance of the little clown Florecita turns into laughter and joy, every Sunday morning, a character embodied by the cultural promoter Maidalis Díaz López.

Months before, the pandemic stole the beloved space. Taking into account the favorable epidemiological situation in the territory and under strict biosecurity protocols, children enjoy different options for their recreation.

In the aforementioned space, Díaz López honors Marti’s saying: “We work for children, because children are who know how to love, because children are the world’s hope.”

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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