Batabanó avanza en la implementación de módulos pecuarios.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Several livestock modules implement productive forms in Batabanó in order to promote local self-sufficiency.

The Head of the Department of Agriculture Development in the territory, Yeneisy Lugo, said that they are also working on complying with the five kilograms of meat.

For them, they currently have five livestock modules in the municipality with species such as sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pig, quail, duck and pig.

The directive added that with this same purpose they also increase the breeding of freshwater fish in four of the 20 productive forms of the town.

Among the main fish species are tilapia, claria and carp.

Faced with the call of the country’s top management to produce more food, the farmers of Batabanó reinvent themselves to grow in the face of every challenge and achieve the desired food sovereignty and nutritional education.

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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