El merecido reconocimiento a quienes arriesgaron su salud por el bien de los demás.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Youth for Life condition was given to 19 girls and boys, after successfully completing their first mission in the red zone, located at the Pre-university Institute of Exact Sciences (IPVCE), Amistad Cuba Sweden, in Melena del South, turned into a center of isolation.

In a brief act, given the conditions imposed by the epidemiological situation, I was able to exchange with some protagonists with similar experiences and feelings for what was experienced.

Among them Eddy Brando Carballosa Quiñones and Mijaíl Pérez López, the latter, professor of Mathematics at the center itself: “my mother is currently on a mission in Azerbaijan, waiting to return and meanwhile I am fulfilling the missions that she had here in Cuba, without love there is nothing in life, I think the main thing we have to do is solidarity, love for what you are doing for those people who are at risk, that there are children there, entire families that are not to blame of this and the best we can do is serve them as they deserve, up there people cried when they said we were leaving because they are going to miss us ”.

For their part, the municipal Director of Public Health, Doctor Maikel Rodríguez Alfonso, and the director of the educational institution, which has occasionally become an isolation center, argued: “the work has been magnificent, it can be described as excellent, because initially we opened a center for isolation without the knowledge of how it worked, on the way, everything was solved and I think it was possible to work as a team, both the medical and the support brigade, they actually made a family and this stage that begins will also be like that.”

“I have finished a week, which has been strong, a week in which we have all learned, but a week in which what our José Martí expressed,“ Homeland is humanity ”has been fulfilled.

During the emotional recognition, chaired by the president of the Municipal Defense Council, Ismaris Díaz Cabrera, the first secretary of the Young Communists League (UJC), in Mayabeque, Ariadna Pavón Guerrero, and the Secretary of the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC ), Fernando Fuentes Flores, another group of brave men was welcomed whose voluntary dedication will make the poet’s verses come true: “only love begets wonder”.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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