Robert Fernández Santos, principal of Frank País Elementary School in Melena del Sur.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In the enlightened and serene eyes of Robert Fernández Santos, it is impossible to guess the severe blows that surprisingly marked his life in the darkest of the stages of his scarce 27 years.

Covid 19, an unknown epidemic that appeared in a distant part of the planet, crossed seas, continents and surprisingly attacked his family in Melena del Sur, a modest territory in the south of Mayabeque.

To overcome so much adversity the old adage that strength is in union became a reality, to this was added a health system, unique in the world, which restored tranquility and happiness to the family bosom.

When the dark clouds seemed to have disappeared, the detection of a case, with a source of infection abroad, a teacher at the Urban Secondary School (ESBU) Frank País García, center of which Robert is director, relived the nightmare, but again the unity of the students and the factors of the community, this time, around the educational institution was decisive.

Although the light shines in the eyes of the young Robert Fernández Santos and he smiles at friends, students and teachers, the bad dream will be for him an indelible mark on his memory and an experience from which he has drawn important lessons, for him and for the other potential victims of the greatest pandemic humanity has ever known.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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