The Boris Luis tandem already receives raw material.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Boris Luis Santa Coloma sugar mill resumed operations corresponding to this year’s sugar harvest, after closing a source of Covid-19 transmission among its workers.

To restart manufacturing activities, all areas were disinfected and it is imperative to comply with prevention measures in individual and collective order in each shift.

After the first hours of starting the grinding, the evaluation of the experts at Boris Luis Santa Coloma is satisfactory based on the availability of raw material accumulated in recent days, which allowed the factory to be efficient at that time.

However, the decrease in sugarcane volumes and yields that were reported at the beginning of the war has been the main obstacle in the production process.

Now it is necessary to comply with the daily cutting strategy to optimize the processing of the available raw material and take advantage of the favorable weather conditions in March for sugar production.

This is one of the main economic lines in Madruga.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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