Ozone therapy, effective treatment in patients with various ailments.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Ozone therapy is a treatment that is carried out in the consultation of natural, traditional and bio-energetic medicine, located in the Rehabilitation Room in Batabanó.

The First Degree Specialist doctor in Comprehensive General Medicine, Linney Díaz Medina, has a diploma in this specialty and despite the complex epidemiological situation, she permanently attends the consultation

Among her achievements, the benefits to patients with joint pain, herniated discs, gynecological pathologies of women of childbearing age, whether it be pelvic inflammation, among others.

In the province of Mayabeque, ozone therapy is applied in the municipalities of Melena del Sur, San José de las Lajas and Batabanó.

The discovery of the bactericidal and healing properties of ozone allowed researchers to deepen their knowledge of the beneficial effects of ozone, hitherto unknown, and the use of ozone as a curative therapy in the different fields of medicine.

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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