Mayabeque currently has 133 aid workers belonging to the Henry Reeve Brigade.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque currently has around 500 health cooperation workers and of them, 133 belong to the Henry Reeve Brigade, although most of the internationalists have been on the red line in the present pandemic that plagues humanity.

“The collaborators from the youngest province in the country provide services in 33 countries. They even reach several European nations such as Italy, Andorra, Azerbaijan and also the African continent and South America, among others”, the head of Medical Collaboration, Anay Santos Gutiérrez, told the Mayabeque newspaper.

In these brigades, the fundamental weight prevails in nursing, specialist doctors or comprehensive general practitioners, who are the most in demand in the territories.

Santos Gutiérrez also said that there are cardiologists, epidemiologists, pulmonologists and others, in all parts of the world where they are needed, and that currently, several brigades are being prepared for Qatar and Portugal.

Rebeca Díaz Acosta

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