La radio siempre continúa.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The radio in Güines has been in existence for half a century and a year. A story that has the official starting date of April 19, 1970, but which, since the 60s of the last century, has known of attempts to provide this geographical area with a radio station.

Today as Radio Mayabeque is the voice of the youngest province in the country that is characterized by its agricultural, industrial, scientific and energy results. It transmits to more than 360 thousand people living in the 11 municipalities.

A history without breaking its links because those who make radio now belong to that third generation that catapulted the then Radio Güines, to the highest seat of Cuban Radio. Young people, who today enter the fascinating world of radio, take from their predecessors with the commitment to keep this radio among the first in the country.

At Radio Mayabeque the radio producers have well defined the objectives of their spaces in correspondence with their recipients; the work is characterized by high dynamism and operability.

It is a daily goal to raise the quality of a programming that gains space in the hearts of those who have accompanied it since 1970 and those who continue to join an audience that was born in 2011, reason enough to continue embracing the magic of this communication medium.

Andy Duardo Martin

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