The Horrendous Crime of Barbados.

Watching once more the audiovisual As if We Live the Pain of each Child who Lost their Father, made by the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) in 2017, feeling once again the anguishing testimonies of the families of the victims of the horrible sabotage to the plane from Barbados, that fateful October 6, 1976, reiterated to me that the pain, in the face of the atrocity, remains and that the wound still lacerates and is painful on the skin and heart of the Cuban people

Today 45 years ago, a sad offering, 73 lives, passengers of flight CU-455 from Cubana de Aviación, mostly young people, would find their death at the bottom of the waters of the Caribbean Sea as a result of the heinous crime, which devoid of any scruple and sense of justice, was orchestrated by the Cuban-born terrorists Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Ávila, financed by the CIA, who employed Venezuelans Hernán Ricardo and Freddy Lugo to carry out the vile action.

On this date, our people remember with pain the successful fencing team that returned to the homeland, after reaching all the gold medals in the Fourth Central American and Caribbean Tournament of the discipline.

It was a severe blow to the Cuban sports movement that with unspeakable sacrifices rose amid the hostility of the fierce blockade and healed it against the small Island of Liberty, determined and obstinate to be free and independent.

At the burial of the lifeless bodies rescued from the bottom of the sea, a Fidel this time grown in the face of pain summed up in a phrase that shook the space of the Revolution Square filled with Cubans the feeling of all: “We cannot say that the pain is shared. The pain multiplies. Millions of Cubans cry today with the loved ones of the victims of this heinous crime. And when an energetic and virile people cry, injustice trembles! ”.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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