These actions are carried out from ten in the morning.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Teachers of Recreation belonging to the two Community Sports Centers in San José de las Lajas are holding Recreational Festivals on December 22, in the six Popular Councils of the town.

These actions are part of the activity plan of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), of the provincial capital, to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the eleventh anniversary of the Mayabeque province.

In each of the scenarios chosen to carry out this activity, those of Nelson Fernández Estévez and Mártires del Nueve de Abril will arrive with a varied program to offer a multitude of options: physical, recreational and traditional games.

These actions are carried out from ten o’clock in the morning in the Pedro Pi communities in Tapaste, La Ruda in San Antonio de las Vegas, the Elpidia neighborhood, in Jamaica, Rotolactor in Zaragoza, as well as districts 63 and 79 in the South Councils and North respectively.

With these Festivals, recreational spaces are generated especially for the smallest of the community, in which they are offered new ways of learning and enjoying recreational activities, which seek to strengthen cognitive, emotional, affective, motor and social interrelation aspects, from recreational practice.

Yudith Arredondo

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