Gracias al trabajo coordinado con el Centro de Reproducción Asistida de Mayabeque se concibieron 21 embarazos en el año precedente. Foto: Archivo

Mayabeque, Cuba: Specialists from the Family Planning and Preconception Risk Consultation at the Noelio Capote Polyclinic in Jaruco are working to raise fertility levels and minimize the risk factors that harm the normal development of pregnancy and childbirth.

The objective is to reverse the negative indicators of the Maternal and Child Program in 2021, which closed with 184 births, the lowest number registered in a decade in the territory.

Another challenge is to modify pathologies such as high blood pressure, diabetes and those unhealthy lifestyle habits in pregnant women that cause preterm birth and low birth weight.

Thanks to this service and the coordinated work with the Mayabeque Assisted Reproduction Center, 21 pregnancies were conceived in Jaruco in the previous year.

Nurse Ana María O’farrill, a member of the consultation’s multidisciplinary team, stated that two pregnancies were achieved in January of this year.

The Jaruco Family Planning and Preconception Risk Consultation works on Wednesdays at the Noelio Capote Polyclinic and offers clinical care, counseling and assistance to infertile couples.

It also assists adolescents and their families, as well as people who wish to assume maternity and paternity in ideal health conditions.

Marlene Caboverde

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