Mayabeque loses with Isla de la Juventud in the continuation of the national baseball series.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Mayabeque team lost today with its similar team from Isla de la Juventud with a score of 5 runs to 2 in the continuation of the National Baseball Series.

The Hurricanes of Mayabeque only batted 3 hits. The Pirates made a mistake, with 11 hits and also a fumble.

Diorbis Navarro, a left-handed rookie, just 20 years old, won the match. Antonio Baró conceded his first loss, while Franklin Quintana scored his fifth point for a save.

Now Mayabeque has a balance of 3 successes and 8 setbacks and continues to be in third place in the position table.

Tomorrow from one in the afternoon Los Piratas will be about to pass the broom, Mayabeque for trying to save their honor, and for that they will send Jaruco’s right-hander, Yulian Quintana, to the box.

Wilber Pastrana Pereira

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