Iraida, Arian, Elsa, Yutmila: Braves of Jaruco

Mayabeque, Cuba: With the same emotion of a mother who receives her children, were welcomed Iraida Benítez, Arian Medina, Elsa Darias and Yutmila Padrón, the four braves of Jaruco, who returned to their land after facing the Covid-19 in Mexico.

A girl danced for her mother, a father could not hide his tears when he saw his son, many doctors and nurses gave the most sincere applause to their colleagues, gestures that made up a kind of postcard that will remain for the history of Jaruco’s medical collaboration in the world.

The reception to the members of the International Contingent Henry Reeve, coincided with the presence of the director of Public Health in Mayabeque, Dr. Luis Armando Wong Corrales, who was holding a meeting with the municipal health personnel and authorities on the founding principles of the Program of the Family Doctor and Nurse.

The director thanked the Nursing Graduates of the territory for highlighting the value of Cuban medicine in the sister nation, where they assisted patients positive for the coronavirus in the red zone.

Iraida, Arian, Elsa and Yutmila, also specialists of Urgency and Medical Emergency, are part of the 25 collaborators of the province who healed and saved, in very complex conditions, thousands of people afflicted by COVID-19 in several hospital centers in Mexico.

Marlene Caboverde

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