Mayabeque, Cuba: Despite the imbalances presented by the severe weather conditions, Batabanó Industrial Fishing Company maintains different productions to favor the delivery of food to diverse destinations.

The specialist in economic management, Judith González Acosta, explained that at the end of October they contributed 36 tons of lobster for export in its different varieties, in addition to almost a ton of crab teeth.

They also contributed around three tons of broth and lobster pulp as a result of the actions of productive chain with the direction of agriculture.

For social consumption, they processed more than 11 tons of minced fish and 7 tons of whole fish, which guarantees a large part of medical diets.

Aware that productions are still insufficient, given the current difficult situation, the workers of this entity give intense hours to their work to beat the complex context, boost the economy and feed the people.

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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