Coordinador Nacional constata labor de organización cederista en Quivicán y Bejucal.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In order to learn about the work carried out by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the progress of their actions in favor of the people, the National Coordinator of this organization, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, toured the municipality of Quivicán.

In the first part of the journey, he visited the patio of Moraima Pérez, a place was part of the Cultiva tu bitito program, to whom he gave a watering can to be used in the garden work.

Hernández Nordelo was also in the Popular Council La Salud and in constituency number 30 for being National Vanguard. The whole neighborhood welcomed him with choirs of Long Live Fidel and Long Live the CDR.

In this area, the national coordinator of the organization expressed his satisfaction with the work of the province.

The Hero of the Republic of Cuba also visited the municipality of Bejucal to evaluate the organization’s tasks, fundamentally in the context generated by COVID-19.

In a meeting with the main authorities of the territory, Nordelo highlighted the role of the Committees in society and the need to incorporate young people into the organization.

During his stay, he recognized the work of the National Center for Bio-preparations in the production of medicines used in health protocols for the treatment of the new coronavirus, as well as several outstanding young people in the face of the pandemic.

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