Abdala se aplica por vía intramuscular. Foto.

Mayabeque, Cuba: By the end of this month of April and the beginning of May, immunization with the Abdala vaccine is expected to begin for all public health personnel in this province.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences, located in Güines, will host vaccinators, facilitators and doctors this Thursday and Friday, who will be trained in advance in the procedures to follow.

The Head of the Expanded Immunization Program in Mayabeque, Silvia Rosa Rodríguez Padrón reported that Abdala proves to be an effective drug with mild headache symptoms and mild irritations.

This vaccine is part of a list of 24 sub-units that are being developed in the world, also included in the group of 16 that are currently advancing in the third stage of their trials.

Andy Duardo Martin

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