Obreros de la Empresa Pesquera Industrial de Batabanó comprometidos con la obtención de alimentos.

Mayabeque, Cuba: With the commitment to raise the quality and productive yields, the workers of the Batabanó Industrial Fishing Company staged the convocation of the Federation of Cuban Workers in the municipality to the virtual celebration for the International Day of the Workers this May1st.

This group, together with the union movement, contributes to the advancement of the Cuban economy with the production of sponge for export, two tons of croquettes made daily, minced fish, hamburgers, spicy sauce and other by-products destined for social consumption.

The Secretary of the Union Bureau in the entity, Marlén Cruz, expressed the commitment of the workers to promote the obtaining of food.

The factory remains at the forefront in the task of guaranteeing food for the people, making it a famous center in Mayabeque.

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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