Art Gallery repaired in Melena del Sur.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The repair of the Art Gallery, Casona Sur, is the most important cultural event in recent days in Melena del Sur.

Intellectuals, artists and the people in general observe the process of reconstruction of the cultural institution.

“At the beginning when it was inaugurated in 2009, all the workers and artists of the gallery were in charge of the repair and we adapted it to our aesthetic style. The second repair was on the roof, but its deterioration caused it to collapse”, the center’s director, Odalmis Troncoso Pérez, said.

Troncoso Pérez feels hopeful for the rapid transformation of the house which was in rubble for months and this time it will be with more time and they have the willingness to consolidate everything that the Cultural Property Fund Brigade wishes to do.

Visual artists from Melena del Sur, Mayabeque, Cuba and from various countries of the world found in the house for more than ten years a cycle of privileges for their exhibitions, while the public enjoyed it and its attractive spaces, which hope to return when the territory gradually returns to normal, thanks to the improvement of the epidemiological crisis caused by Covid-19.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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