Mayabeque, Cuba: For the first time the workers of the Empresa Mixta Sanving S.A, based in San José de las Lajas and Santa Cruz del Norte, participate in the Recreational Sports Games for Workers.

The event, organized by the teachers of the Sport Complex “Mártires del Nueve de Abril” of the Tapaste Popular Council, allowed the groups of the San José and Santa Cruz Plants to compete in four disciplines: Recreational Marathon, Indoor Soccer, Women’s Volleyball and Baseball.

The absolute winner in this contest was the Santa Cruz plant by prevailing in three of the disciplines in the Recreational Marathon three by two, indoor soccer two goals to one, in baseball ten races to one only defeat in the Women’s Volleyball where the San José plant won two over zero.

This friendly sporting event featured a skating demonstration as part of its inauguration, in which the flags of Cuba and Vietnam were displayed, countries that maintain ties of commercial collaboration in Mix Company Sanving S.A.

Yudith Arredondo

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