Gobierno de Jaruco transforma la comunidad Guaicanamar.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In the final phase are the works that began at the end of November of last year to repair the two-kilometre extension of the access road to Guaicanamar, a Jaruco neighborhood founded by Fidel Castro in 1978.

The People’s Power Delegate of the community, Yaima Machín de la Paz, confirmed that there are already 10 benches and eight baskets in the municipality destined to improve the environment of the settlement.

The Head of the Central Administrative Unit of the Administration Council in the territory, Carlos Díaz Barroso, added that they also have the painting for the conservation of part of the multi-family buildings of this settlement inhabited by more than 400 inhabitants.

A brigade from the Gustavo Machín Base Business Unit in Jaruco undertakes the repair of the collective cisterns that show advanced deterioration, the manager pointed out.

The repair of the Guaicanamar medical office and the other actions are supported by part of the budget approved in January by the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of Jaruco for the rescue of vulnerable neighborhoods, amounting to about three million pesos.

Settlements located in the Popular Councils of Jaruco and Bainoa will benefit from the projects that respond to the political will of the Cuban state to support community works.

Marlene Caboverde

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