Batabanó benefit families with the construction of new social work.

Mayabeque, Cuba: 15 apartments in the former elementary school René O Reine, located in the vicinity of the village El Sopapo, are being built  in Batabanó, a new social work to expand and strengthen the housing stock of the country.

The change of use of the property approved by government authorities, to turn it into houses benefit vulnerable workers in the sectors of education, culture and sport.

Brigades of the Ministry of Construction are participating in the work, which  in just four weeks have begun six houses, three of them being completed, and expected to deliver them on the 28th of this month.

The stability in the workforce, having the necessary resources, the support of the families benefited and the good constructive state of local favor to advance more quickly.

This is another breakthrough in the municipality to the growth of the number of people, to improve the living conditions of the people, where people are in vulnerable situations are prioritized. In addition they insist on transforming neighborhoods.

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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