60 National Baseball Series.

Mayabeque, Cuba: This Saturday the 60th National Baseball Series begins and we want to share with the fans of the ball: how do the Huracanes play in the opening days of the championships?

Thanks to the collaboration of statistician Carlos Luís Soler Herrera, we learned that the general balance is 3 victories and 6 setbacks, as visitors they lose 4 times and win once, as hosts, they record two victories and two defeats.

In their debut, in these matches in 2011, they were defeated by Matanzas a race for three in a duel that was played at the Nelson Fernández Stadium, the defeated pitcher was the left-handed Ariel Miranda.

In the following season, they also started at home but with success against Ciego de Ávila, Ariel Miranda took revenge and scored the success, by the way that year they won all three challenges against the Tigers, who came from enjoying the title.

For 2013, they started by defeating Cienfuegos. Elian Leyva came out from the box smiling, that game also took place in San José de las Lajas.

From 2014 to 2018, for five consecutive seasons, they started the tournament playing as visitors. In the 54 series at the Latin American stadium, the Industriales won 8-0, José Norbelis Betancorut, lost the match.

In the 55th serie, Santiago de Cuba tipped them out of combat in seven innings with a score of 11 scores for one. Joyner Rodríguez was the defeated pitcher.

Vannoy Arado, assumed the leadership of the group in campaign 56 and his debut was against Industriales in the Latinoamericano stadium losing 5 to zero, once again José Norbelis Betancorut, came out defeated.

The dose would be repeated for the same pitcher the following year, but in Matanzas and with a score of 5 to one.

In series 58, the best season of the Huracanes so far, Yadián Martínez won and Anyallser Álvarez saved to sentence the 6 for 5, over the Matanzas crocodiles, again in the Victoria de Girón.

And last year as hosts of Camagüey, Mario Batista could not celebrate from the mound and charged with the backhand from 7 to 6.

Wilber Pastrana Pereira

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