Preparation stage of Huracanes of Mayabeque ended.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The preparation stage of the Mayabeque Hurricanes team prior to the start of the 60th National Baseball Series ended with a general compliance of a 96.8 percent.

That was announced in the pre-competitive analysis carried out at the headquarters of the Provincial Sports Directorate.

To classify among the top eight in the championship, place the defense and offensive among the top six in the country and the pitching in 10th place are the fundamental objectives set by the team’s management.

For this, they propose to complete the qualifying stage with a balance of 43 victories and 32 losses.

The head of the High Performance department of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) in Mayabeque, Ihosmara Silé, evaluated the meeting as positive.

“It is very important that the team management have identified their main weaknesses, the goal they set is ambitious, but they believe they can achieve it and we will accompany them in that endeavor.”

“I am very happy with the deep analysis carried out in this meeting, it shows that things are being done well and the results will have to arrive”, concluded the board.

Greater versatility in the team, faster, increased strength, are other elements that distinguish the Huracanes roster for this season.

The important meeting was attended by the head of sports activities in the sector, Luís Manuel Valdés León, Baseball Commissioner in the province, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, as well as the entire management of the Huracanes team.

Wilber Pastrana Pereira

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