Mayabeque, Cuba: Nieves Rodríguez Sánchez, from Batabanó, who is about to turn 78 years old, is a founder of the Francisco Cardona Horta Canning Factory, in Batabanó.

With only 19 years, she joined this unit, voluntarily, at the request of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC by its Spanish initials), while she went through several paths in the world of industry.

This septuagenarian woman recounted that the factory was founded around 1962. She remembers that moment as if it were today.

After working for 59 years in the Quality Department, she recognizes that this is part of respect for the people.

Despite her advanced age and the occasional family setback, nothing about her prevents her from fulfilling the important task of serving. She is proud to be on the front line, like a Mariana of all time.

Yuliet Casanova la Rosa

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